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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy   

I go to great lengths to properly assess and treat all aspects of your current physiology that may be stopping you from attaining optimal health and wellness.   In my practice, I view the doctor - patient relationship as a partnership, with both parties sharing the primary goal of attaining optimal health for the patient. Using a Functional Medicine paradigm, I strongly believe that given the proper information and guidance, you can be empowered to take control of your own health.

Patients should understand that my partnership approach places more responsibility on the patient than the traditional doctor - patient relationship. In many cases, lasting changes require diet or lifestyle modifications and a personal commitment from you.  While I can provide information and recommendations for your condition, the choice to commit to a course of transformation is ultimately yours. This is the basis for your role as an equal partner in your quest for optimal health.


Fuctional Medicine

Using a functional medicine approach allows Dr. Krupka to explore an individual's physiology, to find each patient's individual biochemical profile, and thus identify the root causes of many conditions. Using clinical nutrition, in conjunction with Chiropractic, and guided by the latest assessment procedures, he works with you to re-build your health from its very foundation. By focusing on the whole patient rather than a specific disease, your body can naturally progress toward optimal health. Many patients experience improvements in some of their chronic illnesses. Remember, true heath is not just the absence of disease, but rather the proper functioning of all of the body's systems.



Dr. Krupka uses only the highest quality nutritional supplements from Standard Process, Apex Energetics, Nutriwest, Metagenics and other companies. While these products are offered in the office, patients are welcome to purchase their supplements anywhere they feel comfortable that they receive quality products.


Applied Kinesiology

Sometimes called "AK," this is an assessment technique that began in the 1960's with the work of Dr. Goodheart. In basic terms, the nervous system controls all of the organs and muscles throughout the entire body. Through assessment of specific muscles, we gain insight into the function of the organs. We then use myriad treatment options including meridian therapy, neurovascular and neurolymphatic reflex stimulation, nutrition, Chiropractic adjustments, and specific muscle work to help restore proper organ function, muscle function, and overall balance to the body's systems. Learn more about Applied Kinesiology now.

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