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Patient Resources

Other "like-minded" Doctors:

Dave Groneck, DC:

JD Hasenbank, DC:

Daniel Dewalch, DC:

Tabor Smith, DC:


Local businesses I trust:

The Contemporary School of Etiquette: This is a GREAT resource for your young adults to learn the social graces of school, friends, dating, interviewing for jobs (yes, jobs!), and they even have programs for business men and women, wine selection, etc. Visit their website at -"because nice matters"  


Chiropractic related sites:

Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners:

Texas Chiropractic Association:

American Chiropractic Association:

Texas Chiropractic College:

Technique related sites:

Institute for Functional Medicine:

Int'l College of Applied Kinesiology:

Total Body Modification

Neuro-Emotional Technique

Hyperbaric therapy:

Int'l Hyperbarics Association:


Organic / clean foods:

Organic Consumers Association:

Jubilee Organics: This is a local co-op for organic produce based in Southern Montgomery County -

Laura's Lean Beef:

Urban Harvest:

Grass fed beef:




What is Functional Medicine

fruitDr. Krupka discusses the difference between Functional Medicine and Conventional Medicine

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Patient Education


Interactive 3D Education.
Subluxation, Degeneration and Nervous System Interference.

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